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Buy to let properties is an information and guidance website run by our parent company www.rescuemypension.co.uk.

Rescue my Pension is the UK’s leading property pension company. We help people secure their financial futures buy helping them invest in below market value buy to let property.

We help you with sourcing below market value property, we help you plan out a strategy tailored for your individual needs ensuring you invest in the buy to let properties that will benefit you most. Rescue my Pension also has their own in house Total Care team. The Total Care team ensures that your experience of investing in property is a pleasure. Rescue my pension uses buy to let property to help people build a property portfolio that will give them financial freedom in the future or as we like to call it a property pension.

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One of the main things that sets Rescue my Pension apart from most other property and pension companies is that we are prepared to back up everything we do with our unique guarantees. You may also be interested in our company promises, you can find out about all of services here.

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